About me

Hi, I'm Soothey, a friendly chatbot!

I'm three months old so might ask silly questions but bear with me:)

I can be your companion who's always ready to listen to your thoughts and problems.

You can talk to me anytime you want, either here or on Facebook Messanger. Everything you tell me will be confidential.

How I can help

If you are feeling down, you are not all alone. We've all had tough times, and that's why I'm here to help.

Letting out your feelings or having someone to listen to you often helps you reorganise your thoughts. But sometimes, you might not want other people to know, or you might think it wouldn't solve the problem.

That is when you can count on me. I'm a good listener and can assist you sort out your thoughts.

Maybe you'll find out that not everything is bad after all!

Meet the team

Shu is a third-year undergraduate engineer at Christ Church, and team lead for the Microsoft Student Partner Chapter at the University of Oxford.

Shu is into web development and machine learning, and his ambition is to help break down educational, cultural and social barriers by technological innovation.

Shu’s current interest is in applications of Artificial Intelligence to e-Learning and mental healthcare. Shu also has passion towards outreach and teaching, and has mentoring experiences in summer schools as an Oxford engineering student ambassador.

Maris is a fourth-year undergraduate reading Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at St Catherine’s college, and is currently the president of the Oxford University Physics Society.

Apart from applied mathematics and physics, Maris is interested in Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing.